In years past it was easier to get your foot in the door of a prospective client than it is today. Competition has increased, your prospect has more demands on their time and a simple visit to the Internet can offer many prospects the same choice you are offering for less money.

So what can you do? Not only do you have to do front-end marketing and promotions to gain new customers, you absolutely must have a good system in place to follow-up with your current customers and keep your name fresh in their mind.

With the advent of the Internet and specific types of technology, we now have tools to accomplish this with ease. The fear some people have is that use of the Internet and technology will take away the human aspect of doing business. Although this may be true in some cases, proper use of technology can allow you to have more time to spend with your customers. Using technology in any business situation should only be done when it will better serve you and your customers.

Although you might not be ready to embrace all that technology can do for you, your customers probably are. The Computer Industry Almanac projects that we will have 1.35 billion Internet users by 2007.

Every day more people are utilizing the power of the Internet to research companies, determine level of credibility of a company based on their web presence and making purchases via the Net. If you do not have a good system in place to take advantage of this, you will soon be left behind.

There are several reasons to become a real player in the world of the Internet. Most importantly, in order to be considered a credible business you have to have a presence on the Internet.

Other reasons include:
To increase your reach and visibility
Lower the costs of traditional marketing
Increase Return on Investment for every marketing dollar
Develop and maintain credibility
Attract visitors to your site and/or physical business location
Increase profit margins
Increase speed of response time

Patricia Twitchell, owner of Just Bears and Stuff, a specialty gift shop in the quaint town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon (population 3,000) relies heavily on the power of the Internet for her business success. With the implementation of one simple strategy, Patricia, known to many as The Teddy Bear Lady of Myrtle Creek, increased her Ezine signups by 600% of what they usually were in one week.

She simply implemented the use of an autoresponder and a hover menu. Not only have her signups increased, so have revenues.
The Ezine contains articles of interest to teddy bear enthusiasts as well as any specials of the month she is offering that readers have first opportunity to learn about.

To see how The Teddy Bear Lady uses technology to streamline her operations and provide better service to her customers visit

Imagine how much untold revenue is lost by not fully utilizing the power of technology and the Internet. To not only survive but thrive, you must have a proper foundation and effective systems in place for attracting visitors, providing information, selling products and services and following up.

Many people are under the mistaken notion that if they sell only in their local market they don’t need a strong Internet presence. It is this type of thinking that leaves many businesses in the dust.
Additionally, without a strong Internet presence you can waste countless marketing dollars that could be saved through the use of technology.

If you want to continually be in the game of “getting your foot in the door” you must develop and utilize a system that makes doing business with you simple.

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