Bite turbo is a device that helps to move the teeth in the correct position. The device is shaped in a small L or a triangular shape which attaches to the teeth directly to correct the incorrect bite issues.


Many people ask for biting together problems with bite turbos are normal. You may have problems starting, as when the bite turbos are placed on the front teeth, the back teeth do not come together chewing, and if the bite turbos are placed at the back teeth, then the front teeth will not come together. But you don’t have to worry about it. It is an ordinary condition that will last soon. You may also have speech problems, but soon it will be back to normal in a week. Eat soft foods that will help you to eat with the new bites.

What to expect during the first adjustment?

The orthodontics specialists of Florida will position the bite turbos on the biting surface of the back molars or behind the upper front teeth. Your bite will differ considerably from how it usually does in both situations. Eating and chewing will be problematic as you become used to having only two biting surfaces in contact. But soon, you will get used to this new bite. Have patience and adjust your diet throughout the first several weeks of treatment.

Why are bite turbos essential?

Bite turbos are used to split the upper teeth from the lower teeth to give space to the lower braces. There is not enough room to bond lower braces because of the overbite. You will bite down and snap off your lower braces without the help of the bite turbos. To prevent damage, the bite turbos naturally divide the upper and lower teeth briefly. By chance, they quickly correct a deep bite.

What foods should you eat?

The dentist advises eating soft, mushy foods during the first adjustment time. During these early days of bite turbos, healthy options are soups, applesauce, purees, smoothies, yogurt, scrambled eggs, and soft macaroni and cheese. The best orthodontics near me will suggest you start consuming more hard foods but still chopped up into tiny pieces when the bite feels less odd. Be confident that the bite turbos will feel entirely normal by the second orthodontic appointment. By the second appointment, the turbos will feel more comfortable, and many of your teeth will be together.



How long will you have the bite turbos?

You need to wear the bite turbos until the overbite is almost corrected. Now, the lower and upper teeth can move quickly. Depending on your case, this will last from 6 to 9 months.

Every case is different and unique, but once your bite is corrected, the dentist will remove it easily with a polishing stone.

In Conclusion:

Eat soft foods for the first week to adjust to the new type of bite. Visit your orthodontist in Aventura, Florida, in 6 months to have good oral health. Call and visit your dentist for regular check-ups. Book an appointment now!

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